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About Recycled Granite

At Recycled Granite St. Louis you’ll find 100% recycled SOLID Granite and Marble split stone backsplash tiles and landscaping pavers!

We manufacture and sell eco-friendly split granite tile, pavers and other beautiful products in the St. Louis area. All of our natural stone products are created using leftover granite from the countertop industry (that would normally end up in a landfill)... making them 100% earth friendly and very green.

View any of the products for a full gallery of options and remember at Recycled Granite St. Louis We Make It, We Install it, We Guarantee it!

About the Owner

My name is Patrick Gilmore, born in Central Missouri. I was raised by my Grandparents, Glenn and Mary Evelyn Patrick, who had retired from owning Pat’s truck stop in Mexico, Missouri.  They were also farmers outside the small town of Martinsburg, Missouri.

I spent 7 years in the Army, and then 25 years with mass transit here in St. Louis, as a mechanic and facilities tech performing a lot of remodeling. I love to play guitar, sing, write music and I own www.Happydogshotsauce.net.

Growing up, I wasn’t familiar with all of the different types of rocks that exist. We had mostly limestone and flint where I came from. Although, I did like the fossils and petrified wood I would find. My grandfather used to love to arrowhead hunt. He had quite the collection that he found on the farm.

What I found fascinating was that Native Americans would make the best use of everything they had. When they would break a good hunting point, like the one I’m holding here, then would reuse the stone, or TURN it into something else, like the drill piece I’m holding here. They really knew how to leave no stone unturned! Even if they would come across a broken tool centuries later, they would retool it, and turn it into something useful.

arrow head arrow head

My love for granite and marble came later in life along with my beautiful wife, Charlene. She has always collected wonderful pieces of stone, and when I brought cool stone home, she always kept what she liked, and still does.

One day I was working around a dumpster that a countertop fabricator was using, and my jaw dropped at all the beautiful marble and granite that were in there just waiting to be thrown away! I later learned that millions of tons of granite and marble are thrown in landfills every year.

By using the recycled granite materials I can provide you with exquisitely unique products that are one-of-a-kind and also divert tons of waste from landfills in our local market. This process helps us create jobs.

I, Patrick Gilmore, owner of Recycled Granite St. Louis will leave no stone unturned!!!

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